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How to Buy

OLX Store Buyers Guide

How to Buy

The OLX Store Buyers Guide

Buying on OLX Store is very simple and easy- just follow these steps:

- Browse through our Categories on the page or search for the product you are looking for.

- Once you find your desired product, click on it and choose from the different colors, sizes or storage variants then click on Add to Cart. You can access your cart at any point in time, to confirm and modify the products you selected, by clicking the Cart icon at the Top Right of the page.

- Log-in with your credentials or Sign-up if you are not yet registered. You can also sign up and proceed as a Guest.

-Once logged in, verify that you are satisfied with the content of your cart.

- Once you're happy with the cart content, fill in your Contact Information page, add your contact information, your billing and shipping addresses, then click Save and Continue.

- Choose your payment method and click Complete Your Purchase.

- Verify the cart content, the details you provided, such as address, shipment and payment option, read and accept the Terms & Conditions, then click on Place Order.

That’s it, your order is placed. You will see the order number and total invoice amount on the page. For any question or help needed, please contact us on 04/727171 (24/7)